Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

The Shredded Paper... A NCIS Mystery

Okay, so internet issues have me down. *looks around and whispers* I'm connected for the moment...

But... I watched the end of Judgment Day (NCIS season 5 finale) and my fixed DVR called out to me and made me pause as...

...Vance shredded that pesky paper from his own file. What the hell was on that paper that made him shred it before giving the death sentence to Gibbs' team.

Thanks to the power of the DVR, I actually read some words off of the paper as it made its final decent into the shredder. What I got isn't much and it leaves more questions.

Right Top of Page in a Boxed Area: 15 Oct 200(?)

I think it was 2004, but it was a little too blurry and I couldn't quite make it out.

Space Below Date Box

This had something in one long sentence/title that had Naval Criminal Investigative Service in it.

Top Block of Text
When you see (...) it means there was text before/after that I couldn't read.

(...) Two letters of commendation from (...) Pensacola.

2nd Block of Text
When you see (...) it means there was text before/after that I couldn't read. (?) means I'm not sure if I read it right.

(...) New York City (...) Mothis(?) was a member of New York City Board of (...) Real Estate Appraiser (...) Harvard Law School, but left after one year to (...) Graduated from Annapolis, 19??. <-- This was either 91 or 81.

--> Okay, if I read that Mothis part right, who/what is Mothis??? Mothis is not close to any NCIS name I've heard before.

So, what do you all think about that? It leaves me more confused from what little I got out of it.
Tags: fandom: ncis

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