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Meme: The Letter

Comment and I'll give you a letter, then list 10 things you love that start with that letter.

tthjinni gave me the letter 'H'.

  1. Highlander the Series... It gave me a love of Methos and Richie.

  2. Harrison Ford... I loved me some Han and Indy back in the day.

  3. Happy Days... not the TV show (though I did like it) just days where I'm happy

  4. Halloween... it's the "come as you aren't" holiday, plus, there's candy involved

  5. Hellmouth, Twisting The... where I discovered my love of BtVS crossovers

  6. Harry Potter... my roomie and I bond while I read it to him (he has a sever dyslexia problem and can't read well)

  7. Hellfighters... it's a darn good John Wayne movie about guys who fight oil well fires...

  8. Harris, Xander... my favorite BtVS character... squee!

  9. History Channel... I blame my dad for that one

  10. Highlights of Supernatural Episods by tthjinni... they're just so darn entertaining...

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