Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Internet Woes, Part 2 & NCIS Returns!

Comcast came today... Of course they didn't call 15 minutes prior, so he left and I went home from work to wait on him to come back.

It's not in my apartment. I could have told them that. It's a line problem. Now I'm in the whole "line tech comes" route of things again... *sigh*

I missed getting to chat about the new NCIS with people last night because of it... *sad face*

Hey writinginct... could you update the NFA peoples to my woes? It sucks.

Hopefully, once it gets fixed, the guy will bring a new modem back to me. That might help things too...

NCIS is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... I liked the episode. But...

30 minutes before we saw Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That irked me. And I felt so sorry for him. He's all alone with those "close friends". It was kinda sad even if McGee calling him a girl was great.

The Abby postcards from Tony rocked. I paused to get a good look at the writing. I think a female actually wrote the messages because Tony's signature looked to feminine. Or maybe he had some writing instructors when he was a kid. (!!plot bunny!!) Of course I think his writing was said to be bad before I think... Who knows...

The Gibbs / McGee interactions in the episode were great. Superb. Fun. I liked them.

The Gibbs / McGee / DiNozzo teleconference was the best part I think. Little brother. Dad, pa, and did he say pops once?

Ziva's singing was awesome. Ziva getting to come home at the end and hug Abby... Awww....

Michelle. Wow. I didn't see it coming. I was thinking the Keating guy. Really, I was. But Michelle? Now everything about her is questioned. All the way back to when she was Tony's probie...

Palmer. I heart Palmer. The scene with him and Gibbs and Vance was awesome. Especially his stammered ending about not doing it but doing it.

Gibbs' face during the Tony talk was great. He had this little smile that he was trying to hold back as Tony kept rambling.

I agree with Abby... 126 days Gibbs?! You're better than that mister. And why, why, why did everyone make it back EXCEPT Tony... *pouts*

Of course, I have that Agent Afloat episode to look forward to next week. It better be very Tony heavy because I really missed him this week.

And why is he on the Seahawk? I figured the stay on the Raegan would be kind of set in stone. And what was Vance's reason for putting Tony on a boat? Ziva had a reason, McGee had a reason, but Tony?

Unless... the only other places he could have put Tony would be Team Leads elsewhere (like Spain). Perhaps he figured he would put Tony on a boat because getting him back from that position would be easier than getting him back to a "lower" position after making him a team lead or something... Maybe... possibly... Or maybe Vance just doesn't like Tony...

And now it is time to go home. I don't know when I'll be back due to the internet woes... *waves*
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