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January 2009 ICE STORM - Pictures...

As promised, here's the pictures. Some earlier shots are mixed with later shots, so I'll try to describe when during the progression of the mess they were taken. Also, all but two of the pictures I'm posting were taken in the IMMEDIATE area surrounding my apartment building. So just imagine the damage you will see duplicated in the entire region...

There are many pictures behind the cut, so it may load slow on some computers.

Caption: 01/28/2009 7:00am-ish; This is the view looking at my apartment complex the morning after from the church parking lot where I parked my car.

Caption: 01/28/2009 7:00am-ish; This is the view from my front door with snow/sleet still falling the morning after.

Caption: 01/27/2009 2:00pm-ish; This is metal incasing the power lines for the four apartments in my building after part of a tree brought it down. At this point, the line was still live and feeding power to the apartments. Normally the wires feed into the wall right next to my kitchen window on the 2nd floor.

Caption: 01/27/2009 2:00pm-ish; That's the power line connection point at the 1st floor of the apartment building.

Caption: 01/28/2009; The view of the back yard the day after. You can see the trash dumpster for the apartment complex under the tree parts. Also, the fence goes to the park where the county fair is held. Where the majority of the tree debris is piled up is where my roomie and a few neighbor typically have their cars parked.

Caption: 01/28/2009; The ice aftermath collected on wires that survived the storm.

Caption: 01/28/2009; Tree debris on a fence between my building and the neighboring house.

Caption: 01/28/2009; Tree debris between my building and the neighboring house. The poor fence did not survive.

Caption: 01/28/2009; A ground level view of the tree debris in the backyard of my apartment.

Caption: 01/28/2009; This tree part almost took out the window where Mrs. S. was sleeping when it fell. The plastic fake shutter did not survive.

Caption: 01/28/2009; Ice collected a bush thingy in front of my apartment.

Caption: 01/28/2009; This is the tree under which my car is normally parked. Notice the hanging branches... My car will NOT be parked there until the branches are gone.

Caption: 01/28/2009; I think this tree is in my front yard, but it's hard to tell from this shot because all the trees look alike now...

Caption: 01/28/2009; The power line to one of the other buildings in my apartment complex draped over a car parked in the back.

Caption: 01/28/2009 7:00am-ish; Looking at my apartment from the church parking lot across the street.

The next set of pictures were all taken today (01/31/2009) after some thawing had occurred due to temperatures reaching 45 degrees or so...

Caption: 01/31/2009; This is the trunk of a tree brought down during the storm on Tuesday night. It is at the far end of my apartment complex. It was stretched across the street and had to be cut up in the middle of the storm for road crews and emergency vehicles to get through. I think it is what shook my apartment at 3:30am on Tuesday night.

Caption: 01/31/2009; Lines still down and dangling in front of my apartment.

Caption: 01/31/2009; Part of the tree that came down that has been pushed to the side in order to get the road clear for drivers.

Caption: 01/31/2009; Looking at the front of my apartment through downed tree debris in the middle of the divided street I live on.

Caption: 01/31/2009; A snapped power pole in front of the end of my apartment complex.

Caption: 01/31/2009; The top of the power pole from the picture above. I believe this may be the culprit that finally cause me to lose power at 8pm on Tuesday night.

Caption: 01/31/2009; A shrub in front of my office (where I'm currently camped out). This is around 4pm-ish today AFTER we had thawing and some melting.

Caption: 01/31/2009; A small tree in the parking lot to my office.

And that's all the pictures for now. I have a few more on my computer at home that I had downloaded from the camera before I lost power, but they'll just have to wait.
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