Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Reaction Post: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Going behind the cut... You've been warned.

So, I was going about my evening browsing the internet for piano pictures with jrabbit from TTH when I get a strange call from azraelz_angel. She asked if I was watching SCC. I told her I was about to start because I had gotten sidetracked and my DVR was recording. She said she couldn't talk then and we hung up. I started watching.

Never, in a million, billion years would I have seen that coming. They killed Derek! And it just happened. Like Bang. A single shot to the forward.

My NCIS loving self realizes that had I not known ahead of time that Kate was going to die this is how I would have felt.

They just killed him. Dead.

The ending with John Henry singing the song Savannah taught him was very nicely done. I loved his voice as they showed the scenes of what we assume is Derek's ashes being buried and Sarah being led away on the big screen.

Aside from my shocked state (I think I stopped breathing), the way they did the episode was good. They delivered such a punch. Punch? More like a bullet between the eyes.

I think this is going to overtake Forever Knight in my 'why the fuck did they have to go on a character killing spree' rant.

End Reaction.
Tags: fandom: terminator

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