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Meme: Happy Day #1

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1. Post about something that made you happy today.
2. Repeat for eight days.
3. Tag eight people to do the same. Plus whomever wants to play too :)

DAY #1: Monday, April 13, 2009
Someone tagged me for a meme! I rarely (if ever) get tagged for a meme! Uh, something not meme related... Well, I don't know why it made me happy, but I mailed a package of items sold on eBay for work to Croatia today. It was just fun writing out the address because I didn't have the first idea how it would be pronounced, I just copied the letters and was like, "Hope it makes it..." And while packaging it, I got to annoy the hell out of everyone because our large tape dispenser thingy makes this god-awful sound as you unroll the large packing tape from it. So everyone was glaring at me and I was just enjoying wrapping tape over everything like I was doing up a Christmas present. Fun times. :-)

Tagging: avamclean; kateri_e; azraelz_angel; tassosss; tejas; xanthe; janedavitt; hawk_soaring

...but only if you guys want to. ;-)
Tags: meme, meme: happy days

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