Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

NCIS Cut Scenes on USA Airings

I was just watching Sub Rosa (McGee's first appearance) and was shocked beyond belief...

I already knew that USA was cutting scenes from the episodes because I caught one missing awhile back while watching Yankee White. That missing seen was annoying, but not shocking.

In the original airing of Sub Rosa, Tony and McGee arrive at a potential suspects house to find nobody home. McGee asks what they need to do next and Tony responded with the fact that they needed to get inside and look around. McGee whips out a cell and starts muttering around search authorizations while Tony picks up a rock and starts dancing around like he's ready to play football and then throws it towards McGee where it just happens to go through the window.

The USA airing I just watched skipped straight from McGee looking at his phone to the rock flying through the window with no in between. It was a startling cut and completely changed that scene.

Why must they cut things.... Why?

EDIT to add Script Scene:

TONY: Well, either no one’s home or not answering.
MCGEE: What should we do?
TONY: Get inside, look around.
MCGEE: We’ll need a Command Search Authorization. This is civilian property, Sir. We’ll have to go to a local judge to get a search warrant. (TELEPHONE BEEP TONES)

Cut from USA airing...
TONY: Or play football.
TONY: Go deep. Go deep! Oh, look at him! He breaks free! Go man, go! He’s looking for McGee! It’s a play action to attack and even to balk and he can’t find McGee! He’s covered! He’s in the open! He’s broken clear!
TONY: He’s still got it.

End cut only the glass breaking was shown, but not Tony's line above...
MCGEE: That’s breaking and entering.
TONY: No, that was breaking. This is entering.
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