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Treat to Me

I've decided to treat myself after work today. I counted pennies and think I have enough to get my hair cut and colored. (it really needs the cut and the coloring is just a routine thing Dandra automatically does now when she sees me walk in...)

Next, I'm thinking of finding some new dress-casual clothes (most likely Wal-Mart, cause I'm cheap like that) since my wardrobe is seriously lacking. (must not forget the socks either... need new socks) Also, some casual jeans would be nice cause I think I sold several pairs I hadn't worn in forever at the yard sale and now I'm down to one pair (oopsie).

Hmmm... maybe I should treat myself to IHOP while I'm at it. I could take my notebook in and write for a bit. Then tonight it will be banner making for the CoA after that. I've got some good ones made and have several more to go before Sunday...

UPDATE: So I got Bob Evans instead of IHOP. Didn't do any of the other either. Dandra, my hair cutting lady, was just leaving for the day when I got to the mall. *sigh* So I postponed it until tomorrow afternoon when she will be there...
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