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Drabble Writing Style Questions for F-List

Okay F-List and whoever else is lurking...

I have a puzzle, a major puzzle and I'm looking for an honest answer from you, my readers.

Many of you know that I write multi-drabble fics for ncis_drabble. Since about the 3rd or 4th one I did, I tend to do the 'fics' in grouping of around five (sometimes more, sometimes less) 100 word drabbles. Most of the time, the drabbles are interconnected by a common theme and some even build on the previous drabble. I even did one that was 100 drabbles (10,000 words) that alternated between Gibbs and Tony's POV each paragraph.

Knowing this, the next part is how I present these. If I don't confine the 100 words to a single paragraph, I always put some kind of divider to show the start of the next drabble. However, if I contain each 100 word set to a single paragraph I do not divide them. I let the paragraphs serve as the dividing mark.

So... As many of you may know, I'm a mod at Twisting the Hellmouth (TTH). Since I got into NCIS, I don't write as much Buffy fanfic as I used to. As a mod/donor, I can post as many non-crossover fics as I want at TTH, but I usually refrain from posting my pure-NCIS fics there because I've always seen TTH as a crossover site first and foremost. Therefore many at TTH probably don't know just how many NCIS fics I have in LJ land and they usually don't get to see my drabble fics I post over here all the time.

This leads us to me posting my last crossover drabble fic, Six Degrees of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, on TTH because I had a BtVS character in one of the 6 drabbles. Since posting it there, I have received several reviews that leave me downright puzzled and kind of on the defensive end of things...

Here are some examples of some of the reviews. I'm not posting the names here and I'm not using any private reviews I received. These are reviews that anyone can view by going to TTH. Also, I'm not saying anything against the reviewers opinions because they are valid opinions... Not stomping on toes, pointing fingers or anything like that... <-- Disclaimer to protect the Kayla

[snip] However, there needs to be a bit more of a bridge to connect the separate paragraphs because it reads more like a list of encounters than a story. [snip]

i read it, i understand the words, but what the hell was it about? so confused.

i get tony's a sentinal and giles... i know both ellisons... oh bother. no idea what i just read.

Note: After the 2nd Review, I added a note to my post on TTH and did the best I could to explain to the readers without 'ruining' things and still had people confused. Here's the note I added within the story:

Due to confusion from readers, please note that this is collection of six (6) different non-connected drabbles. Each paragraph is 100 word response to one of the challenges mentioned above. They are connected by the theme of Gibbs knowing each crossover person, because Gibbs *knows* everyone.

For reading's sake, you might consider placing a line or other visual break between each paragraph/encounter to further set them apart as different "prompts", but it works ok as it is.

I was really confused until I read the reviews. I'd recommend putting some sort of break between each paragraph to distract the eye, because otherwise you naturally want to continue to read as a unit.

It will make your drabbles make a lot more sense than just saying "it's a bunch of drabbles."

So F-List, that's what people who reviewed at TTH had to say. As far as I can remember, nobody on LJ has ever said something along those lines to me and now I've got several people within a day saying the same thing.

Poll #1394910 Drabble Writing Style

What do you really think of my drabble fic style?

Fangirl/boy Squee!!!
Love It
Like It
Neither Like or Dislike It Because I'm Like Switzerland
Dislike It
Hate It
Wish It To Die a Painful Death

On fics like Six Degrees of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, should I have a divider between the paragraphs?

Yes, it would help me see the separations better
No, it would detract from the way the story flows
Only if the paragraphs really don't build on one another
Hell No! It's your fic, so do what you want to do
Proudly Waving the Swiss Flag

Would you read a story that has Tony DiNozzo / Leon Vance listed as the pairing?

Hell Yeah!
Hell No!
WTF?! o_O
Gathering supplies for the exorcism of Kayla Shay. Where's a priest?
Tony with Vance? Really? You have a plot for that?? A convincing plot??
Gibbs will kill Vance and not leave a body behind for Abby to hide.
Are they going to be in Switzerland while they do it?
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